Monday, September 29, 2008

Humpty Dumpty

The kindergarten classes had a character parade
with nursery rhymes. Regan wanted to be Humpty
Dumpty from the day he found out about the parade.
After seeing him in his outfit I couldn't help but share it
with all of you.

Regan is loving school so much. He thinks his teacher
is the best thing ever. He gets excited to come home and
show me everything that he did that day. Both Braydin and
Regan love to learn. I just hope they keep it up!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Way to cute

I couldn't pass these pictures up they were
way to cute..Hopefully you will love them also.
Kevin's mom makes dresses for the granddaughters
so this is one of them. Paige loves to get her hair
curled, so we thought she looked way to cute
not to take her picture..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A weekend retreat just for WOMEN

I thought that I would share some pictures of our weekend
retreat to Petit Jean Mtn. with the Relief Society.

We played so many games and shared so many stories.

Some sisters came up Friday night for a few hours, most
stayed the night. Then others came Saturday morning.
Anyway you did it, it was great.

We had an untalent show. This is Teresa who did
her flags from her high school days. She still fits into her
outfit that she wore in high school. Way to go Teresa...

Our darling Amy opened the untalent show with
a cheer. What energy that girl has.

Michelle had to do a little dance number for one of
our games that we played. She loved every minute of it.

This was another game that we tried to play, yes I said tried
because we were not coordinated enough to get the game down
so we finally quit the game...

All in all we had such a fun weekend. There were tons of laughs,
tears. Friendships rekindled and some made. The spirit was
felt the entire time we were there. Saturday morning we had
a wonderful time as we listened to our mission president and his
wonderful wife. It was a great time and I cant wait for the next
time we get to go on a retreat. Thank you for everyone who put
their time, energy and talents to work, you women are the
GREATEST, I love you all....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A ride to Wendy's in style

Braydin and Regan were able to sell enough items for

the school fundraiser that they got to go on the Limo ride

and lunch at Wendy's.

Braydin is in third grade this year. This is his fourth

Limo ride.

There were 3o kids that got to go on the ride. They had

them split into 3 groups to went really smooth.

They had me help at Wendy's. I really didn't mind because

Paige and I were able to be with both boys.

This was the first car load of riders. Regan was in this group.

That night when he got home he told me it was

totally awesome. That child makes me laugh!

This was the kindergartners and 1st graders. Man did

they have alot of energy.

Paige loved being able to have lunch with her

big brothers.

We wanted to say thank you to all those who

supported our children in this fundraiser. It means

so much to us to have so many people in our lives that

care about our little ones....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

4 eyes are better then 2!!

Well it has finally happened, Braydin had to get glasses.
I think he looks good with his new glasses though. He was
a little sad when I told him he had to wear his glasses
all the time he thought it was going to be for reading.
Then I had to explain to him that my family all has glasses
and that Kevins family does, so it was only a matter of time.
Then I told him that before long Regan and Paige will need
them. Its just a fact of life.
Regan is now asking when he gets to have them. I keep saying
"soon Regan soon and for the rest of your life!"

Faulkner County Parade

It seems that every year when this parade comes around
Kevin is in Dallas. But we still had such a great time.

There isn't alot to the parade, but Paige loved ever second
of it.

These are a few of our wonderful friends that we get
to spend time with here.
This parade is so exciting that I decided that next year
I am going to put a poster on the side of my car and have
it read "Queen of the Shipp home."
Because that was all that really is in this parade lots a
beauty queens and farm equipment... Really it was a wonderful
night the weather was great and so was the company.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Branson Family Fun

We had so much fun this weekend in Branson.
The boys said it was the funnest vacation ever!

We took the boys on the bumper boats. Kevin went
with them on the first day but like always I forgot
the camera.

They were so wet by the time that we were done.
As was I because I was one of there favorite targets.

They chased each other all over the pool, they really had fun
with each other.

Paige was still to small to ride the bumper boats,
But we were able to spray the boys with water from the

We all did the Go-Karts. We took a pole and
we like the Lumber Jack track the best.

Paige was to small for the Go-Karts to but we smuggled her
on. Kevin carried her and they never asked how tall she was.

Regan was to small to drive the big ones alone, so he road with
me. But after we were able to find him one that he could drive on
his own.

After a day of fun we sat around eating ice cream and watching the
crazy people do the sky coaster.

Kevin took the boys golfing while Paige took a nap.
They had so much fun, Kevin let the drive the cart
and take some shots.

Hopefully we will have a Tiger Woods among the family...

This was our little family waiting in line to eat at Lamberts.
We love Lamberts...

For you who don't know what Lamberts is, its a restaurant with
home cooking and they throw the HOT roles to you form
everywhere and anywhere in the place. They hit the floor the walls,
even your drinks.

They server your food in a skillet, they bring appetizers to you
on a napkin. Its just such a fun place to be.

So this was some of the fun that we had. As always we
went swimming, shopping, we stopped by the largest Bass Pro
in the world. We went non-stop for 2 1/2 days, and made many
memories as a family..