Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Football!!!

My Boys could careless what the weather is out side as long as the can play some FOOTBALL!

We have had alot of fun in the snow for the last couple of days. Kevin took the boys to play basketball, so Regan got his shorts on his hat, gloves and boots and went and played in the snow before they left. Yes my neighbors think that we are the crazy people with crazy kids, and I'm OK with that!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice & Snow in Arkansas

Today we got our first real taste of winter. Schools were closed Kevin was home, it was a mess...

For those of you who don't know what you are seeing in these photos is ICE not snow. It came down all night and most the day. The kids really didn't care that it was ice they still had fun playing in it.

If you could see this its little pellets of ice. Like going to the gas station and getting ice chips. It's insane!

If you are wondering yes we did start getting snow about 2:00 pm. So what you are seeing here is the 1-2 inches of ice with a 1-2 inches of snow. Not good for driving in!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This made me smile!

Top ten ways NOT to visit teach!

Well its the first of the year and many of you probably received new visiting teachers or you were assigned a new visiting teaching beat.

Visiting teaching is a serious and important calling, and one that should be considered with the utmost gravity. No joking allowed.

Over and over we've read lessons, listened to talks, and prayerfully considered how we can improve our visiting teaching.

Today, however, I'd like to help you by sharing just a few humorous ways NOT to make your service to your sisters a little better. As you evaluate how you are doing with visiting teaching, make sure that you are NOT doing one of these things.

If you are, well, I'll just grateful that you are not my visiting teacher!

1. DON'T schedule all of your appointments for the 32nd of the month. (That's what happens when you wait to call until the 30th and then schedule them all for 'the day after tomorrow'.)

2. DON'T ask the sisters you visit teach to give the lesson.

3. DON'T use the phrase, "Well, enough about you. Let's talk about me!"

4. DON'T ask the sister you visit teach when she plans to bring you dinner.

5. DON'T ask them to skip Relief Society so you can visit teach them (this is especially true if you or they are in the Relief Society presidency).

6. DON'T let your preschooler redecorate the walls of the home to include crayon sketches.

7. DON'T ask, "So are you pregnant, or have you just put on a lot of weight in the last month?"

8. DON'T fall asleep while your companion gives the lesson. Even worse, DON'T fall asleep while you're giving the lesson.

9. During the prayer, DON'T ask Heavenly Father to 'please help her be a better person - she needs all the help she can get!'

10. And, most important of all, DON'T put off your visiting teaching! Your sisters need you - and you need them!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A night with Scottie Pippen

Tonight we were able to go with the kids and some friends to see UCA retire Scottie Pippen's Jersey. No the kids had no idea who he was and yes that did make me feel WAY old. But nonetheless I thought it was a great night and a chance of a life time.

This is Scottie sitting with his family before the big spectacular...

I thought that he was going to seem a lot taller then what he was, he is 6'8.

It had to have been a great night for him. In this picture they have all the guys and coaches that were at UCA with him. Some of them didn't look as good as they did back in the day, but do any of us!!!!

Most of you probably don't really care, but coming from a family who love sports it was awesome to be there.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Play Time Pizza!!!!

For Regan's Birthday he wanted to go to Play Time Pizza in Little Rock, so that is what he got!!! It's a pizza buffet/arcade/bowling/laser tag/go karts. So what I am saying is it was a BUSY MAD HOUSE!!!

He got some wonderful gifts that he is still talking about. We had some of our friends meet us there and brave the rain and the headache after being there with the 5000 other children.

This is Regan picking his reward for winning so many tickets. (mind you he got a $1.00 toy for the $15.00 worth of tickets)
He is getting so big, we are so thankful to have him in our family. I hope this was a day to remember for you Regan...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas Morning

Better late then never, here are some Christmas morning pictures. We really had a wonderful Christmas. The only thing that would have made it better was a few more faces. (Grandmas and Grandpas either one would have worked!)

We hope that your Christmas was as nice as ours. We are thankful for the many blessings that we have in our life and the many family and friends that are here to share it with us. We love each one of you...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

7 Years old!!!!!

So I thought I would start off by telling my sweet little Regan Happy Birthday!!!!
The Lord new what he was doing when he sent these three amazing children into my life. They bring joy to my life that I never thought could be felt.
Today as we celebrate Regan's 7th Birthday Day I think of the day he came into this world. He was the quickest delivery that ever could have been and he has been just as quick and smooth to raise. He has a laugh that make me laugh. He has a smile that warms any room. He has a love for his family and friends that I couldn't teach him to have. When I am around him I cant help but be proud.
So today as we celebrate his sweet birth I want him to know how much we love him and that he can always count on mom and dad.
We LOVE you Regan! Have a Happy Birthday!!!!