Thursday, May 29, 2008

Braydin's Luau

This was Braydins last day of school. they had a Luau. They had so much fun.

They had relays for them. They had to find toys in the sand.

They got all kinds of fun things. They had sun glasses, flower layes.

They had all kinds of food for them, they had kabobs (fruit and meat)

They gave out awards, this is for Braydins reading.

This award was for getting 100 in math all year.

This is Mrs Decker she was such a gem of a teacher this year. Braydin learned so much in her class..Thank you Mrs. Decker....

Brand new Fence

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day BBQ at the Parkers

Paige and Lincoln hanging out.

As always we love to get together at the Parkers house. There is always good food and fun friends.

As you can see the boys love to be in front of the Wii.

Paige is always so happy. She thinks that she is such a big girl. As you can see she is always climbing on everything..

This is the little band that they decided to make. Lets just say there was a bad case of karaoke in that house....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Branson in April

This was our trip to Branson with my mom and dad. You can see how bad the flooding was. This is the Bass Pro.

This was the back side of Bass Pro.

It was so sad they couldn't open the resturant that they have. There were so many homes that all you could see was the car in the drive way with no way to get them out because the roads are under water.

We were able to take mom and dad to "Lamberts" home of the throwed roles. It is a fun place to go. They throw hot roles from across the room, and you try and catch them. They land everywhere from in your drink to on the floor and exploding on the walls.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just a little note for you all.. I have told my children that they are alergic to every animal there is on this planet. There is not one thing out that that we can have. Its a wonderful thing. The other day Braydin came to me and said "mom so do you think that I will always be alergic to animals or when i get older could I maybe have a dog." I started to laugh and told him that he would have to ask his wife, but as long as he lived in my house he would always be alergic.

Day at the Park

Regan had a big day he graduated from Pre-k.

This was Regan and Ms. Connie.
She was so wonderful, we couldn't
have asked for a better teacher for him.

There he is taking his final walk. He no
longer is my baby...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Braydin's Baseball Game

Braydin and Kevin working on
a game plan before he bats

Braydin getting ready to connect
with the ball.

Braydin is loving baseball. He hit a
grandslam the other night.

Braydin is the First baseman,
he is getting better every game.

Paige loves to go to the games.
She cheers for Braydin as loud
as she can.

Stone Mountain

We went to Georgia for Thanksgiving to see Dave and Carla. We had so much fun we went to Stone Mt with the kids.