Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ellen Smith Tigers!!!

I thought I needed to get everyone caught up on our family here in Arkansas...

This has been a crazy few months, between Braydin and Regan both playing basketball we were gone alot.

So here goes this first update is on Braydin's basketball year. He had a great year it is amazing how much he has learned in the last few months. He averaged 11 rebounds a game and 6 points. He was a animal, and we loved every minute of it. YES I did almost have to go after a few kids for wanting to hurt Braydin, but Braydin would laugh and tell me not to worry that he can take care of himself. (It still didn't make me yell any less at the officials!)

Braydin is 5'1 1/2 and not even 10 yet, not much longer and I will be looking up to him!! He was asked to play on a summer basketball league and we are pretty excited for him. His basketball team won the Championship for the boys and girls club. What a fun year to watch him and his friends. They all played so well together.

This is the Championship team... Left to right Thomas, Jaron, Marqueez, Jaylen, Jaxon, Brett, Jaxon, Dawson, Parker, Braydin.

This was a good group of young men!