Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas photo ops!!!!

How can you not just love Christmas card pictures.... Oh what pain it was!

Paige and Regan were abe to sit on Santa's lap. For some reason Braydin opted out this year! It could be because he is bigger then Santa!!!!

This is the funnest time of the year! Yes there is stress and there is shopping to be done, but the spirit of this season lives in our home. Paige's class said it best when they sang tonight "Happy Birthday Jesus"

Monday, December 12, 2011

Things you have missed in the last few months!!!!

It has been forever, but here goes! This past 6 months have been really great for our family. This past summer as we were in Utah Regan was able to be baptised. It was an amazing night with a wonderful support group for him.

This past October Kevin and I went to a couples night and learned how to cook some AMAZING food, by the best chef ever!!!!

This is Robert Hall, he is such a great guy. He is our High Council men, and is one that you get excited for when you see he gets to talk to you...

Our wonderful Salad that we made...

This dinner was so good and so easy to make, but tasted like it had cook for hours!

You would want to DIE if you tasted this Carmel... I didn't need anything else but the Carmel!


This is my sexy man, maybe!

We took the kids to see Tusk (Arkansas mascot) at the tail gating party in Little Rock.

So as you can see we have been busy, my camera hasn't been very good so I missed a lot of photo ops. The boys both played football and baseball. We had as amazing trip to Utah, Paige turned 5. One of my goal for 2012 is to blog a lot more!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

So Sad

So this week Braydin was up to bat and took a hit to the back of the hand by the ball. We really didn't think anything about it until the next day. He came home from school and his hand was all swollen and the palm was black and blue. I was SICK!!! All I could think was please do not to broken. I told Kevin that I thought we needed to take him in, what would be the harm in that. Well this is what they saw...

I hope you can see it, it is near his pinky. We are going to the ortho on Monday for the cast and to see how long he will be out of commission. The doctor couldn't believe that he was able to play the rest of his game. (He got hit in the second inning) So needless to say I have a pretty strong kid. Now as for his mom I have been in tears over it. It just makes me so sad for him... No worries mom and son will be alright!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Our STUD!!!

So you really cant tell but the shirt that Braydin is wearing is pink, and he loves it. He begged me to take these pictures so that everyone could see how HOT he was! Can you tell he is HOT!!! Its a scary thing to think that this month he will be turning 11, I am not old enough to have n 11 year old. He is as tall as I am and way stronger. He is smart, loving, fun and nosey!!! (he always has to be right next to me and Kevin to hear everything...) But we do love him, he is great!!!!
So Brayidn all I can say is Happy 11th Birthday!!!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The rest of Spring Break...

OK here is how the rest of spring break went. We took the kids to Branson were we played alot... We drove the Go Karts, then we drove them again and again and again. We ate then drove the GO karts again, we played on the bumper cars. We went shopping alot then we ate and drove the GO Karts,saw a water show, went to the Dixie Stampede and oh ya did I mention we did the Go Karts!!! Kevin was with us, but he had to take the pictures... They have 4 different tracks this is the newest one and we LOVED it...
This was at the Dixie Stampede. It was so neat, we ate with our hands, watched the north take on the south and beat them, and lost Paige for 10 minutes. (she wanted to find the horses to pet, and they were outside)

This was one of the best spring breaks we have had. As you can see there was alot of fun things happening. As we raced o the Go Karts the girls won all but one race, but that's OK because there was alot of races so the real victory went to the girls... Nice try boys better luck next time!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Regan was the Champion!!!! And almost Braydin...

Regan played for the boys and girls club this year, and LOVED every minute of it... One of Regan's last games he was so sick, I didn't even want to take him to his game. We ended up taking him and he score 14 points and had 18 rebounds. I told him he needed to be sick ore often. After the game he went home and stayed in bed the rest of the day. He was quite the defender, he was always in everyone face playing defence. I love this shot, he made both his free throws...
They ended up winning the Championship game by 1! Oh what a great year they had.

We had pictures of Brayin's year but they didn't turn out so well. So instead you get to listen to me tell you how he did... They ended up losing the championship game by 1. It was a sad night for hi. But he played so well this year I couldn't have been more proud. He was starting to get so physical and mean....(and YES I loved every minute of it!)

So to both my boys I m so proud of you. As long as you try your best it doesn't really matter what the outcome is. You will always be my hero's!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Eddible Money makers!!!!

For those of you that aren't around these here parts!!! ;) Every year our ward does a chili cook off/ cub scout cake auction. The fathers and sons make the cakes and the mom supervises!!!! So these are the cakes that the men in my life decided on. (KINDA)

Braydin really wanted to make a Utah hat, but we live in Arkansas really who would bid on a Utah hat. So we decided that we live a block away from University of Central Arkansas (UCA) so we went that rout instead...
So as you see we did a baseball and and 6 free tickets to the baseball game. I think that they did awesome!!!! Braydin tried to do the UCA on the hat but got a little discouraged after working on it for a bit, so I did step in on that. But other then the UCA hi and his dad were hard at work icing this hat!!!

Regan's cake we went a different rout. I am all about cupcakes and I saw these on a web site and thought that it would be so much fun. They turned out so dang cute, if I have to say so myself.... Regan has only been in the cub scouts for a month but he is having so much fun!!!

Both cake brought in good money for the scouts, and not only that but we had fun decorating them!!!!