Thursday, May 19, 2011

So Sad

So this week Braydin was up to bat and took a hit to the back of the hand by the ball. We really didn't think anything about it until the next day. He came home from school and his hand was all swollen and the palm was black and blue. I was SICK!!! All I could think was please do not to broken. I told Kevin that I thought we needed to take him in, what would be the harm in that. Well this is what they saw...

I hope you can see it, it is near his pinky. We are going to the ortho on Monday for the cast and to see how long he will be out of commission. The doctor couldn't believe that he was able to play the rest of his game. (He got hit in the second inning) So needless to say I have a pretty strong kid. Now as for his mom I have been in tears over it. It just makes me so sad for him... No worries mom and son will be alright!!!!

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Our Happy Family said...

Tell him I'm sorry it's broke and that his mom and dad need to take him out for a treat!!!!