Monday, April 4, 2011

Our STUD!!!

So you really cant tell but the shirt that Braydin is wearing is pink, and he loves it. He begged me to take these pictures so that everyone could see how HOT he was! Can you tell he is HOT!!! Its a scary thing to think that this month he will be turning 11, I am not old enough to have n 11 year old. He is as tall as I am and way stronger. He is smart, loving, fun and nosey!!! (he always has to be right next to me and Kevin to hear everything...) But we do love him, he is great!!!!
So Brayidn all I can say is Happy 11th Birthday!!!!!

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Dallin said...

Sister Rogers made him be the "power" in the Scripture Power song he had to flex and he was so "Look at me, I look HOT"
For the love of Gosh, that boy