Sunday, March 27, 2011

Regan was the Champion!!!! And almost Braydin...

Regan played for the boys and girls club this year, and LOVED every minute of it... One of Regan's last games he was so sick, I didn't even want to take him to his game. We ended up taking him and he score 14 points and had 18 rebounds. I told him he needed to be sick ore often. After the game he went home and stayed in bed the rest of the day. He was quite the defender, he was always in everyone face playing defence. I love this shot, he made both his free throws...
They ended up winning the Championship game by 1! Oh what a great year they had.

We had pictures of Brayin's year but they didn't turn out so well. So instead you get to listen to me tell you how he did... They ended up losing the championship game by 1. It was a sad night for hi. But he played so well this year I couldn't have been more proud. He was starting to get so physical and mean....(and YES I loved every minute of it!)

So to both my boys I m so proud of you. As long as you try your best it doesn't really matter what the outcome is. You will always be my hero's!!!

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