Sunday, February 27, 2011

Eddible Money makers!!!!

For those of you that aren't around these here parts!!! ;) Every year our ward does a chili cook off/ cub scout cake auction. The fathers and sons make the cakes and the mom supervises!!!! So these are the cakes that the men in my life decided on. (KINDA)

Braydin really wanted to make a Utah hat, but we live in Arkansas really who would bid on a Utah hat. So we decided that we live a block away from University of Central Arkansas (UCA) so we went that rout instead...
So as you see we did a baseball and and 6 free tickets to the baseball game. I think that they did awesome!!!! Braydin tried to do the UCA on the hat but got a little discouraged after working on it for a bit, so I did step in on that. But other then the UCA hi and his dad were hard at work icing this hat!!!

Regan's cake we went a different rout. I am all about cupcakes and I saw these on a web site and thought that it would be so much fun. They turned out so dang cute, if I have to say so myself.... Regan has only been in the cub scouts for a month but he is having so much fun!!!

Both cake brought in good money for the scouts, and not only that but we had fun decorating them!!!!

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Our Happy Family said...

Both of the cakes looked awesome! All of you did a really good job on them!